Writer Recruitment

Assignmentors’ writers are stringently screened and selected based upon the following parameters:

  • Undergraduate 2:1 qualification and above – all of our writers hold a minimum of an undergraduate 2:1 standard degree with the vast majority holding Masters level qualifications. We always assign a writer qualified at or above the grade ordered by the client.
  • Valid personal documents and contact details – avid care is taken when recruiting our writers to validate their claims. We check the documents against photo IDs of the individual and a recent utility bill to safeguard against any deviants. Every writer is personally contacted and further screened before any work is allotted. Fraudsters providing fake documents in order to obtain freelance writing work is common due to our attractive rates (especially in India, Kenya and China), thus our team takes great care to safeguard our recruitment standards.
  • History of high quality writing – all of our writers are tested to guarantee the quality of their academic writing and attention to detail. We check the quality of writing in everything we receive from potential writers, which includes a thorough proofreading of their application. New researchers are provided with trial work to ensure they meet our high standards and only then are they invited to apply for work.
  • Safeguarding against writers with inappropriate experience – The grading system of the U.K. is different to that of the U.S. which deems it necessary to delegate work only to writers specific to the country from which the order is received.
  • Safeguarding against writers we cannot contact – We affiliate with writers on a global scale, however if they are in a remote part of the world or can't be contacted due to time zone differences, we refuse to work with them, as producing the best work possible requires a collaborative process.
  • Safeguarding against writers who aren't fluent in English – The major factor that sets academic writing apart from the rest is the accuracy of language and Assignmentors ensures that only writers with the best language skills in English are engaged in delivering quality products. All of our writers who deal with projects, dissertations, essay and other academic related assignments possess a native level proficiency in English!
  • Transparent Recruitment Norms – Assignmentors is very transparent in recruiting the best of the best writers. We substantiate each and every claim with accuracy and avoid exaggerations and false claims. Our job is to put our efforts into producing assignment submissions that are unmatched.

Our Ethical Standards

Wilson Mizner once proclaimed, “If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many it’s research!” At Assignmentors great care is taken to ensure the originality and authenticity of the content that we produce, be it an Essay, Dissertation, Project, Paper or any other Academic Writing related assignment. In retrospect, we have our own plagiarism-checking software which screens any content produced by our writers.

We are wary of all the orders and assignments that we deal with and also our passion for education compel us to maintain high standards of ethics. We intend no disservice to be done both to our firm, or the original author and definitely not to our clients.


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